Take a breath with the FrecanAir plasma purification system

After these somewhat strange Christmases, we’re all thinking a lot more about the quality of the air we breathe, even inside our houses

In Winter we spend 90% of our time indoors and the air inside our home, indoor can be between 2 and 5 times more polluted than outdoor air if we don’t ventilate often.

No one likes a bad smell in the kitchen or throughout the house. But beyond being unpleasant, some odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC) released while cooking can actually be unhealthy to health.

Purify your air

The best way to avoid odors is to get them out of the air as quickly as possible. In addition to opening windows and using the kitchen vent, you can remove cooking odors and kitchen smoke with a Recirculation system based on plasma technology like the FrecanAir Plasma filter.

Air purification system | take a breath

(1) When the hood is activated, the airflow is pushed into the grease filter, which is responsible for retaining grease and other dense particles. (2) When the air reaches the Plasma filter, an internal sensor activates a series of electrical discharges that modify the molecular structure of the harmful particles. (3) Next, chemical reactions are triggered that break down odour molecules, pollen, etc. and they eliminate them permanently. (4) Finally, the air is filtered again through the activated carbon, releasing only oxygen, CO2 and humidity

Thanks to unique FrecanAir Plasma filtration technology our air purifiers remove 98% of all airborne particles including dust, pollen, smoke, pet hair, odours, grease, bacteria, and virus.

The FrecanAir Plasma filter has been specially designed to purify kitchen air and is easy to install on practically all types of extractor hoods (existing or new). When the hood is switched on, the airflow is driven towards the FrecanAir Plasma filter.

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Elimina el 98% de los olores, humos y sustancias contaminantes

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