What is the difference between a recirculating extractor hood and a conventional one?

But what happens if your home does not have a smoke outlet to the outside? What solutions do we have?

The extractor hood, although it is one of the elements that goes unnoticed or costs us more when choosing, is one of the essentials. Its objective is to filter the air so that the kitchen is filled with fumes, odors and grease. It’s procedure is very simple, its engine sucks the air, passes through a mechanical filter and expels it outside the home through regulatory ducts for optimal aspiration.

We return to the origin, ¿what happens if your home does not have a smoke outlet to the outside? What solutions do we have?

The recirculation hood is the most efficient alternative to a conventional extractor hood. Normally, it is used when the kitchen does not have a smoke outlet or when the pressure drops in the air outlet installation are greater than 40%, for example, when you want to place the hood in a place where the exit to the outside is very far away.
At Frecan we work on responsible and efficient recirculation systems that allow us to clean kitchen fumes without having to expel them outsides. And by default now that the cold comes, these systems allow saving in heating, keeping it inside the house.

kitchen without vent -  recirculation systems

Frecan Plasma Filters

Eliminates 96% of odours, allergens and pollutants.
Maximum operating power from 600 to 1000 m3/h.
The useful life of the Plasma Frecan filter is approximately 15 years with an approximate use of 2 hours per day.
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The dissociated recirculation – Box R allocates 9 to 10 Helsa charcoal cubes creating a system that enables up to 4000 parallel flow channels, capturing grease and odours very effectively.
Recommended: a maximum of 8-10 regeneration cycles.
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Long-lasting active carbon filters FC-Plus and FC-Plus Ceiling

The entire filter should not be replaced. The user may purchase 1.3 or 2.3kg of activated carbon pellets as a spare. Its replacement is very simple.
You only have to remove the top cover, discard the carbon inside the filter and replace it with the new one and enjoy 5 years of filtering again.
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Charcoal Filters (recirculation)

This system it is recommended when due to installation restrictions a external outlet can not be provided. Recirculating cooker hoods are provided with charcoal filters which are composed by active carbon particles that due to its nanoporosity remove grease and cooking odors and recycle air back into the kitchen.
We suggest changing carbon filters minimun about every year, depending on how intensive the use of the hood is, to ensure proper operation.
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With the hoods with air outlet to the outside we manage to always keep the air free of odors and without the loss of energy. Besides being the best option for a passive house!
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The Frecan Plasma filter has been specially designed to purify the air of domestic kitchens

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