The new Hit DripOff built-in cooker hood with DripOff labyrinth filters

The Hit built-in hood is one of the most versatile hoods in our catalog, as it adapts perfectly to a wide range of kitchen styles, from the most traditional to the most contemporary, including shaker or vintage styles.

Now, the new Hit DripOff cooker hood, equipped with advanced filter technology combined with a practical removable grease collector, ensures maximum absorption, improving hood performance and simplifying the collection of fats, oils and grease.

How does DripOff technology work?

DripOff filters use centrifugal force to efficiently remove grease particles.
When grease-laden air enters the filter, it is forced to transform its path in a series of cyclones. The grease particles, moving in these rotating streams, have too much inertia to stay in the cyclonic flow.
Therefore, the particles hit the inner walls of the filter channels and stick to their structure, sliding into an oil and grease collection tray located at the bottom of the hood, which is easily removed for emptying and subsequent cleaning.

What are the benefits of DripOff filters?

The filtration of suspended solids by DripOff filters keeps the inside of the hood cleaner, preventing grease build-up and reducing the risk of fire in certain circumstances.
In addition, it reduces the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance significantly; by filtering out these greasy particles, the internal parts of the fume hood, such as the motor, wiring and lamps, are protected, prolonging their service life by avoiding the corrosive effects of fatty acids.
It also optimizes the use of activated carbon hoods by preventing rapid saturation of the carbon due to grease particles.
Finally, grease particle filtration keeps the air ducts that expel air clean and prevents contamination.


600 mm, 900 mm and 1200 mm. The latter can be completed with external motors.

Información técnica

  • Stainless steel finish with transparent glass visor.
  • VF700 or 1100GP silent motors.
  • Touch Control button panel.
  • Delayed stop (Last Time).
  • Filter saturation warning.
  • Adjustable LED lighting (from 3000K to 4000K).
  • DripOff labyrinth filters.
  • Easy Clean panel.
  • 3 speeds + Booster.
  • Optional recirculation

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