Discover the new Flow 5 and be amazed by its suction capacity.

Surface extraction and induction are combined in a single product where the search for harmony and incomparable efficiency, represent the highest expression of technology and design.

Flow surface extraction system

Thanks to their design, they produce a high-speed air flow that generates a great attraction effect for a kitchen without odours.

Duct-free recirculation systems

New generation carbon filters are included in the same unit. The Carbon filters efficiently captures smoke, steam and odors, resulting in a truly clean kitchen with an inviting, open design without requiring ducting.

In addition, if there is one thing which makes us stand out, it is that the new generation carbon active filters can be washed in the dishwasher.

There is also the option of using Box R Helsa with the advantage of being able to install a recirculation system without an outlet to the outside with a plinth of only 6 cm.

Flow 5 surface hood

High Speed Air Flow

Thanks to its design, the Suction Zone of the Flow 5 produces a high-speed air flow generating an attraction effect that expands higher, attracting the fumes towards the center and bringing them inside.

Flow 5 surface hood

Liquid Collection Tray

The Flow 5 surface hood has a fully removable fluid collection tray, with a useful capacity of 3.5 litres that prevents fluids from reaching the engine in the event of accidental spills.

Slider control | Flow surface extraction system

Slider Control

Quick temperature selection with the slider: just touch the desired power level with a finger on the touch screen. The same happens with the suction zone, selecting the desired power.

Bridge | SFlow surface extraction system


The hob allows you to associate two cooking zones to create a single zone where you can use large containers or cook several dishes at the same time, with maximum flexibility when placing the containers.

Power Boost

Our induction hobs have the Booster [P] function to increase the power of the selected zone. Specifically, when activating the Booster, the cooking zone operates for ten minutes at a very high power that allows large quantities of water to be quickly heated.

Heat Maintainance

It allows to maintain the temperature (70°C) of the food in a delicate way, without reaching boiling temperatures or burning the bottom of these.

In addition, the new Flow 5 models are available in 3 and 4 zones, and with their bridge mode they allow cooking by creating large cooking areas.

When everything flows, the moments are better enjoyed, when everything flows nothing interferes with the senses.
Let everything flow

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Let it all flow

Why isn’t your extraction system sucking well? Do you have problems with your hood and do not know why?

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