Why isn’t your extraction system sucking well? Do you have problems with your hood and do not know why?

In this post we help you understand why your cooker hood is no longer extracting and how to resolve the problem.

Why is the hood not suctioning properly?

In most cases in which a hood does not suction properly or in sufficient measure, the problem is due to the conduit installation. Our website provides information and advice regarding the importance of respecting the recommended diameters of the ducting tubes, and preventing sudden changes in direction of the tubes.

Don’t forget to install a non-return valve at the point where your ducting reaches the exterior. This will prevent wind and cold entering from the outside.

Do you feel like your extractor hood is not pulling the air from your room adequately?

When buying a hood for your kitchen, it is very important to know not only its characteristics but also the steps to follow for a good choice and correct installation.

There are a number of things that you can check, including:
What size of ducting are you using? Is the cooker hood the correct size for your hob? How far is your hob from the hood above?

Installation de hottes de cuisine Frecan

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The hood lighting doesn’t work, what exactly do I have to do?

1 – The bulb or halogen lamp is not working: Replace
2 – Transformer damaged: Contact the technical service.

The hood doesn’t work, what do I do?

1 – No power in the hood: check the electrical voltage.
2 – The hood is blocked: Reset it (see manual) or lower and raise the automatic switch.
3 – The fan has stopped working: Contact the technical service.

My hood makes a lot of noise, what should I do?

The noise of the hood can be determined by the installation of the hood. If you detect that your hood emits any noise other than usual, Contact the technical service

Why does my watch light stay on permanently? Or, on the screen can you read a C?

This light indicates that the hood has reached its set cooking time and reminds you to clean the filters. It is recommended to consult the instructions in the user manual to reset the hood and set the counter to “0”.

Through the hood, currents of air are filtered from the outside. How can I solve that?

It is necessary to install the non-return valve, since, in this way, we will prevent odors from leaking from the outside and air currents from the outlet tube. As it is not installed, it is very likely that odors will enter if the neighbor cooks, it also prevents the entry of cold or hot air from outside.

Non-return valve - Frecan by Barcelona Hood

Discover all the problems that you may encounter with the non-return valve

The filters are clogged or grease falls from the hood?

The hood’s continued performance can only be maintained if the filters are cleaned and / or replaced regularly. If the filters of recirculation hoof get saturated with grease, your cooker hood will struggle to work properly and won’t be able to remove cooking odours efficiently.

Important: if you have a ducted extractor hood, don’t forget to take out the filters. Also remember to regularly clean the grease filter; are suitable for washing in the dishwasher. (The filter may change colour, depending on the dishwasher detergent used. Use an intensive cycle at a minimum of 65 °C)

If you have any questions or technical problems, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Service: +34 937 93 66 22

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