The key to efficient ventilation in your kitchen

In kitchen interior design, the choice of a quality cooker hood is essential to maintain harmony.

Here at Frecan, we understand the importance of not only offering efficient products but also providing information on their correct operation, especially with regard to ventilation.

When you install an extractor hood that directs air to the outside, there is a need to balance the air flow in your kitchen.

When you activate the cooker hood, the air expelled requires a corresponding intake to avoid creating a vacuum, which could affect the efficiency of the hood and thus the quality of the kitchen environment.

In many cases, kitchen designers cleverly incorporate an air inlet in the form of a grille, strategically placed so as not to cause direct discomfort to those occupying the space.

Sometimes this air inlet also coincides with the space required for the installation of the gas boiler, thus maximising the use of space.

However, we occasionally come across kitchens where the air intake has not been provided for or is insufficient, which may result in air being drawn in by other means, such as air conditioning or windows.

It is essential to address this issue to ensure optimum hood performance and to maintain a comfortable, cool kitchen environment.

In the case of kitchens equipped with high-power extractor hoods, such as those we offer at Frecan, the presence of an adequate air intake becomes a fundamental element.

The effectiveness of these hoods lies in their ability to efficiently eliminate unwanted fumes and odours, and to achieve this, the air flow must be perfectly balanced.

How can we deal with inadequate ventilation?

The best solution is to plan and create an additional air intake somewhere strategic in the kitchen, preferably in an elevated position to avoid disturbing draughts.

Given the power of the motors in our cooker hoods, at Frecan an air inlet with a diameter of 10 cm.  However, if this option has not been foreseen, a simpler solution is to keep the kitchen door open while the hood is in operation, as well as a complementary natural ventilation system, such as windows or doors to the outside.

In this way, we allow the same amount of air that the cooker hood exhausts to enter from other areas of the house or through a window, maintaining the balance and ensuring the performance of the cooker hood.

In very cold or very hot places where we do not want to have a loss of temperature due to the entry of air from outside, recirculation cooker hoods are a good option to take into account.

frecanAIR has a wide range of filters to transform a Frecan extraction hood into a recirculation system. Find out more about FrecanAir at this link.

In conclusion, choosing a high quality cooker hood, such as those offered by Frecan, is only the first step towards a clean and fresh kitchen.

Careful planning of the ventilation, ensuring adequate air intake, not only guarantees the proper operation of the cooker hood, but also contributes to maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment in the heart of your kitchen.

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