Advance of new aspiration innovations | Frecan 2024

Uncovering some of Frecan’s new aspiration innovations for 2024


In the kitchen world, we know that efficiency and aesthetics are inseparable partners. At Frecan, we’re excited to share with you some of our upcoming additions designed to enhance your kitchen experience. From vacuum systems to advanced filtration systems, this advancement reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Surface-mounted hoods : Style and performance

The new Flow 4.4 surface models are the result of growth, evolution and attention to detail; available in two sizes: 60 and 78, these innovative extraction systems not only stand out for their elegance, but also offer exceptional performance. With cutting-edge technology, the Flow 4.4 series ensures efficient extraction of unwanted fumes and odours, improving the ambience of your kitchen and home.

Invisible integration

Frecan’s integration range also receives an exciting update…

The new additions, Hit DripOff and Feel White, are stylish and efficient options for those looking to integrate the hood seamlessly into their kitchen space.

In addition, our much-loved Note hood is now available in 750, 950 and 1050 sizes, providing wonderful versatility to suit any kitchen style and design.

Extended Urban range

For those looking for a modern touch in their kitchen, Frecan introduces two new models in the Urban range: N711 and NI712. These hoods not only stand out for their style, but also offer exceptional performance to keep your kitchen fresh and smoke-free.

Advanced filtration for a healthy environment | Activated carbon textile recirculation kit

At Frecan, we don’t stop at creating and innovating extraction systems; we have also developed a new activated carbon textile recirculation kit. This kit is a complete solution for filtering chemical particles generated during food cooking. Its advantages are numerous, from easy installation to optimal airflow efficiency and reliable absorption of odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Advantages Frecan’s activated carbon textile recirculation kit:

  • Easy installation and replacement from the top, ensuring comfort and accessibility.
  • Optimal airflow efficiency with very low pressure drop.
  • High suction capacity ensuring reliable absorption of odours and VOCs.
  • Powerful drainage system for spilled liquids, keeping your kitchen spotless.
  • Long durability and performance

In short, whether you’re looking for a stylish surface-mounted cooker hood, a discreet integration solution or an advanced filtration system, Frecan has the answer!

Download the preview here and find out all the details.

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