Still don’t know the advantages of external motors?

External motors are especially recommended to reduce noise in the kitchen and, due to their high performance, they are suitable for increasing the absorption efficiency of the hood.

Especially when the outlet to the outside is located at a distance of more than 7 m. of the hood.
There are 3 types of external motors:

Motors In-Line o intermediates

Motors In-Line o intermediates | Frecan Hoods

This type of motors are designed to be installed in an intermediate place between the hood and the exit to the outside of the house. Thanks to their great power, they are a great help to compensate for pressure loss in long-distance installations. (5-7 m.).

They allow an intermediate location reducing the perception of sound inside the house.

Wall Motors

external motors - Wall Motors | Frecan Hoods

Wall motors are installed on the exterior facade of the house, moving away the sound that it produces from the inside and adding a plus of power with respect to an internal motor.

Due to its robust construction and resistant to weathering and corrosion, this type of outboard motor offers a long life with reduced maintenance.

Roof Motors

external motors - Roof Motors | Frecan Hoods
This type of external motor is installed on the roof, distancing the sound from the interior and allowing a long duct run to be covered and/or offering an increase in the suction power of the hood.

Due to their construction, this type of external motor also offers a long life with very little maintenance.

When calculating the needs for an external motor, several factors must be taken into account; the volume of the kitchen, the type of cooking, the size of the cooking zone, the type of hood, and above all the distance to the outside as well as the type of route.

Likewise, Frecan offers a range of motors that covers all possible needs in kitchens that require more power or simply wish to reduce the perception of noise inside the home.

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