Discover the latest kitchen trends of 2023

From outdoor kitchens to “closed” kitchens, here are the top new kitchen trends to inspire you.

For years, the trends have stayed largely the same, While all-white and rustic-style kitchens have been popular for many years now, the way people interact with kitchens today has undergone significant change and will likely continue to do so… In 2023 we’ve thrown open our houses, welcoming multifunction. The kitchen is the space where we spend the most amount of time with family, cooking, eating, or even working.

The outdoor Kitchens

Cocina de exterior a medida | FrecanTEK Barcelona
Homeboundness amped up enthusiasm for the outdoor Kitchens, and interest is only growing. En FrecanTEK somos capaces de diseñar y fabricar tu cocina de exterior con materiales de calidad preparados para poner a prueba cualquier cambio climatológico

Natural finishes

Cocinas naturales y cocinas verdes
In addition, the pandemic encouraged us to bring the outside in and the natural look and calming feel of nature in the home is expected to loom large in 2023 as well. No wondered that green is one of the favorite colors of the year


tendencias cocina 2023- Acero inoxidable
Minimal yet welcoming mixed metals kitchen make some of the most attractive trends of 2023. Yet, they come with a twist. Brushed, satinado, vibrado, and matte finishes will give more variety

The key to mixing metals in a kitchen is not to over do, as this can have the opposite effect and result the kitchen looking too busy!

Aesthetics also have made an impact in water zones just as they have in furniture and appliance design, in color, shape, size and material. Now that faucets are available in a wide choice of colors and finishes, taps are following too and this is also reflected in our water catalog.

Get back into black

Cocinas negras. Campana techo Sense, Frecan
When you lay bare the advantages of a black kitchen, it is difficult to understand why many people are daunted by it. Black kitchens can create an impact like no other color. For this is the reason are seeing a big rise in popularity this year.

Black becomes luxe and inviting, paired with textured woods adding rustic, homely charm.

Hobs, hods, hoods, faucets and sinks are the more subtle ways to introduce this trend into the kitchen and in Frecan, we know this for so long and if not find out for yourself.

Hob with extractor fan

tendencias cocina 2023 - campanas de superficie
The latest trend in hoods, without forgetting the rest, are surface hoods. The new hobs with integrated extractor fans can be placed wherever you want, including on a kitchen island with recirculation system.

Sistemas de recirculación

Aún no los tenemos integrados cuando pensamos en diseñar nuestra cocina, pero los números, hablan por sí solos y la tendencia va en aumento. No sólo evita la extracción de los humos hacia el exterior y renueva el aire del interior sinó que mejora la eficiencia energética de tu hogar. Descúbrelo todo


After years of pulling walls to create open-plan rooms, over recent years we’ve come to appreciate the benefits of being able to close the door and escape the soundtrack of the entire house. A glazed partition can split spaces without compromising the feeling of togetherness or on light. It also has the advantage to contain smells in the kitchen.


tendencia cocina 2023 - cocinas cerradas
It seems rather contradictory, but “hidden” or “invisible” kitchens have gotten quite popular over the last couple of years, con el objetivo que la atención se centre en el entretenimiento

The appeal of hidden or invisible kitchens is quite simple: Kitchens get messy, and hiding the mess is much faster. But if also you’re a total neat freak, it can be nice to separate your kitchen from the rest of your living space.

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Frecan en el corazón de tu cocina, testigo de reuniones y cómplice de encuentros. Especialistas en campanas extractoras de cocina de alta gama:

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