Meet the NEW ceiling Hood, Lia! One of our newest additions to our collection.

A ceiling hood with a different concept, available with or without light.

Meet the NEW ceiling Hood, Lia by Frecan

We are used to rectangular ceiling hoods, taking into account the proportions of induction/gas hobs, but Lia has come to change our conception of space. Something as simple as the format is what makes it special. Lia is the first square ceiling hood on the market! The first square ceiling hood on the market!

In addition, we are convinced that it will make a big hole in the market, not only for its aesthetics but also for its technical characteristics.

Technical information

Nueva campana de techo Lia, Frecan
*White lacquered finish (RAL 9003)

*New Silent motor R1000GP Spiral and 360°  rotary motor
The new Frecan 360º spiral motor drawer made with recycled materials, thanks to its new design uses less force to obtain better results, providing greater performance with less energy consumption and maintaining a very low noise level.
This rotary system puts an end to problems and obstacles that are often present in suspended ceilings.

*Standard size ceiling light
Lia has dimensions of 70 x 70cm, a very common measurement in modular ceilings.

*With or without panel light?
Lighting is essential when cooking. Lia hoods provided with low consumption LED lighting with very low consumption, providing a more efficient and bright lighting.
The lighting panel (36W – 100Lm/W) is activated through a switch independent of the hood.

This model is compatible with H-Connect plates, which allow you to control all the functions of the hood from a control located on the plate. In this way you can work more comfortably and safely without using the hood control.

*Deferred Stop. Last Time
By connecting the last time function the hood will keep on running for 10 minutes and will automatically disconnect after recycling or extracting the air of your kitchen.

*3 speeds + Booster

*Optional recirculation

*Perimetral aspiration
An alternative to traditional aspiration is based on the Venturi effect.
The system consists of compressing and speeding up the air by creating a depression in the slot perimeter of the aspiration surface of the hood. This effect facilitates the capture and filtering of gases generated by cooking.
The main advantages of perimetral aspiration are; aesthetics, easy cleaning and low noise level.

Have you ever seen anything like this? 

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