The Sense 360º hood is a powerful silent ceiling Cooker Hood with adjustable surround lighting

Now, our crown star, the Sense ceiling hood, can also be found 130cm long and in black, to fit all the possibilities of our customers.

Sense, ceiling hood by Frecan

Almost invaluable to sight and hearing

The Sense 360 hood is fully integrated into the ceiling, eliminating all visual barriers and creating an open space. With straight and pure lines that stands out precisely for its minimalism, silence and suction efficiency. At Frecan we always bet on the beauty of simplicity and discretion!

It stands out from our catalogue, because it has a perimeter LED strip, which will guarantee good lighting on the cooking surface.

Easy installation

In addition, the Sense 360 model has mounting clips, easy-fix, meaning it can be installed easily, quickly and effortlessly.

Sense, ceiling hood byFrecan


The new R1000GP motor with the A+ energy rating, has great extraction power and is practically noiseless. This ensure that nothing interferes with an interesting conversation or a moment of peace and quiet, bringing comfort and peace to your home.

*360º Spiral Motor
The Sense 360 with spiral motor allows the extraction conduits to be installed in any direction, permitting ease of installation even in wall kitchens, were the ceiling hood is installed closer to the wall.

* Minimum height of false ceiling 200 mm (internal motors). 
With the internally installed motor option, we have a false ceiling of 292mm. If we separate it, it can be installed in false ceilings between 190 and 260 mm depending on the type of installation.

*Perimetral aspiration.
 This allows for reduced sound but increased pressure, which results in improved motor performance.

*Deferred stop, LastTime. 
Flashing light that indicates when filters need cleaning in case aspiration hoods, and the replacement of charcoal filters in case of recirculation hoods.

*Remote control included. 
A wide variety of FRECAN hoods (especially ceiling and built in hoods) are equipped with a remote control.

*Optional recirculation
Modern versions can even be set up for recirculation, so an external vent is no longer necessary.

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