The built-in Note hood on a different level

The built-in Note hood, It is available in 6 different sizes to fit any kitchen space.




Note Built-in Hood

The built-in Note’s range hood new version, thanks to its one-piece body, is now more robust and easier to install, and thanks to its redesign it offers more storage space in the cabinet. In addition, the new location of the LED lighting (now dimmable and flush-mounted) provides better light coverage while enlarging and improving the suction area.

The Frecan built-in Note range hood is defined by its ability to adapt and its practicality in all types of spaces. Actually, it is the integration model with the greatest variety of measures on the market. As manufacturers, we have the flexibility to offer you a wide variety of sizes to ensure you always find the right appliance for your kitchen; it is available in 6 different sizes.

Great functionality for small spaces

The Frecan built-in Note range hood is made of Stainless Steel and completely fitted beneath the cupboard, hidden from view, for those who prefer it to go completely unnoticed and  puts the furniture centre stage. A hood which recovers the space inside the furniture and at the same time expands the storage space

*Its main advantage is that it takes up much less space, so it is a great solution for smaller kitchen. Because it is not conspicuous, it does not significantly affects the decor of the kitchen. This device also gives us greater flexibility when it comes to the layout of the kitchen, it will help maintain clean lines and avoid disrupting the continuous flow of upper cabinets, creating a sleek look.

The built-in Note range hood, more space

Technical information

  • Motor VF700
    Now the Note hood is equipped with the VF700 motor in all their sizes. More power for the small hoods, because having a small kitchen should not limit the way you cook.
  • Dimmable Frameless LED Lights
    The new Led lights of the Note hood take on a sleeker aesthetic with frameless led lights.
    In addition, this LED lighting has programmable regulation in intensity and color (from 3000K to 4000K).
    In the redesign of the Note hood, the lighting changes position to offer better lighting coverage over the work area.
  • 6 sizes
    The Note is the integration model with a larger variety of measurements on the market.
  • Perimetral aspiration
    Thanks to its foldable door, this kitchen range hood operates by perimetral aspiration (with the foldable door closed) or in the traditional mode (with the foldable door open), with the latter option providing a larger extraction area when the front burners in the cooking area are used.
  • Deferred Stop. Last time
    By connecting the last time function the hood will keep on running for 10 minutes and will automatically disconnect after recycling or extracting the air of your kitchen.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 1 mm.
    The standard stainless steel filters consist of 5 aluminum filter sheets and a housing with a decorative stainless steel front (5+1).
  • Compatible with H-Connect hobs.
    The H-Connect technology  allow you to control all the functions of the compatible Frecan hood from a control located on the panel. In this way you can work more comfortably and safely without using the hood control.
  • Optional recirculation
    Modern versions can even be set up for recirculation, so an external vent is no longer necessary.

In addition, among its features, the Note integration hood has a transparent glass visor, silence fan VF600 and remote control included.

The Note hood is a very complete model for any kitchen project.

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