Frecan completes its offer by providing a selection of Induction hobs

Induction hobs are perfect for a modern and quality kitchen, with the best technology and avant-garde design.

Ventajas de las placas de inducción de Frecan

Induction cooking is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends. The surface allows for fast cooking and is more responsive – heating and cooling within seconds.

The advantages of Frecan induction hobs

*Gentler on the Environment.
The most obvious result of this increased energy efficiency is reduced energy consumption, meaning lower power bills and a healthier environment.

Bridge Function - induction hobs
*Bridge function: Extended Area
The hob allows you to associate two cooking zones to create a single zone where you can use large containers or cook several dishes at the same time, with maximum flexibility when placing the containers.
induction hobs
*Pot Area 30 cm
The 3-zone cooking plates are equipped with a large double induction zone that allows the use of utensils with diameters between 11 and 30 cm. A very large area for the most demanding kitchen.
H-connect - induction hobs
The H-Connect panels allow you to control all the functions of the compatible Frecan hood from a control located on the panel. In this way you can work more comfortably and safely without using the hood control.
*Power boost
Our induction hobs have the Booster [P] function to increase the power of the selected zone. Specifically, when activating the Booster, the cooking zone operates for ten minutes at a very high power that allows large quantities of water to be quickly heated.

Quantity Without Powerboost With Powerboost
1 litre 3 litres 5 litres
3 litres 5 min 3 min
5 litres 8 min 5 min

*Heat Maintainance
It allows to maintain the temperature (70ºC) of the food in a delicate way, without reaching boiling temperatures or burning
the bottom of these.

Installation types

– Beveled edge: Inclined edge (beveled) that provides a clean and elegant aesthetic both flush and on the counter and that is perfectly combined with semi-rim sinks.

– Vertical edge: Recessed with a rectilinear edge that protrudes only 4 mm from the worktop. The vertical profile of the glass allows flush and above-the-counter installation and the perfect union between various elements.

So whether you’re a top chef or an occasional cook, you’ll find new inspiration and peace of mind with a move to using an induction hob!

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