How do I choose the best cooker hood for my kitchen?

It can feel overwhelming when selecting a cooker hood for your kitchen.

The question is always… How do I choose the best cooker hood for my kitchen? where do I start? The design, where it’s going be be located, if it’s need a ducted outside or a recirculation, noise levels…

Cooker hoods are an essential appliance in any kitchen — extracting cooking smells and steam, and sometimes becoming a design feature in their own right. In this post we will explain and advise on how to choose the best cooker hood for your home.

Ducted outside or recirculating

Hoods can either take the air from the room to the outside of the house through ducting – extraction – or clean the air and then return it to the room (recirculation).   This will then determine where you can or can’t position it.

Choosing your style

There’s a range of design options to suit both room layout and styles. The main things you need to consider before you think about its appearance is the size and location of the hob, and whether you would like the cooker hood to be hidden or made into a feature of your kitchen.
How do I choose the best cooker hood for my kitchen

  • Surface. Double power, double freedom – It is an induction hob with integrated ventilation system. Frees up your space
  • Ceiling. The largest range of ceiling hoods on the market – Perfects for an open plan space. The benefit of one of these is that it does not affect the cook’s line of sight.
  • Built-in. The most professional buil-in hoods range – This is one of the most common types of range hoods.This is a hidden cooker hood. It is integrated into your cabinets and look just like another wall unit from first glance. It is less intrusive and is known for saving space.
  • Wall. Personality and distinction – Another range hood that helps preserve space in your kitchen.
    Unlike under-cabinet hoods, a wall-mounted hood can serve as a design element in your kitchen, adding a distinctive look to your space.
  • Island. An island with infinite possibilities – This is also the most common style for kitchens where the range is located in the middle of the kitchen. They create an amazing, stylish statement in the hub of the home.

Noise or capacity. Silence is golden

Extraction noise can be quite loud, so another consideration to take in is the noise level of the fan.

Larger rooms will require a higher capacity extractor and the faster the speed the more noisier it will be. Though higher-end models of Frecan do tend to be quieter across all power levels.

It’s important to check a cooker hood’s product spec to establish the dB output.
The noise does not exceed 55 dB.

The Extraction Rate

When picking the right cooker hood for your kitchen you need to consider the power required to remove the volume of ‘used’ air created during your cooking. Often overlooked, but can make a big difference to how well the cooker hood works in your kitchen. If your cooker hood does not have a high enough extraction rate for your kitchen size then you will find that it takes a long time to clear any bad smells, or even that they never really clear. In the specification of all cooker hoods it will have a m3 per hour number, this number shows the amount of air it processes per hour. We recommend that you purchase a cooker hood that will filter the air in your kitchen etween 12 and 15 times per hour.

The channeling

Also, it is very important to know that the channeling of the air produces a loss in the absorption capacity, so it is recommended to use the correct diameters, avoiding reductions and elbows. The following data can be used to calculate the loss:
– 1 meter of tube – reduction of: 10 m3 /h.
– 1 90o elbow – reduction of: 50 m3 /h.
– 1 45o elbow – reduction of: 15 m3 /h
– 1 Nozzle – reduction of: 30 m3 /h
(Indicative data depending on the tube diameter)

We hope this guide has helped you, but if you would like to discuss which cooker hood would be best for your kitchen just contact one of our distributors

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