Reduce your heating bills with FrecanAir Plasma

Discover the Plasma filter, the newest and most effective recirculation alternative on the market.

Due to rising energy costs, creative approaches are needed to maintain a comfortable temperature at home without incurring excessive costs.

Just as cooker hoods can be very useful for keeping the air clean when cooking, they can also cause heat loss. Even when these hoods are turned off, heat can be lost if the outlets are poorly sealed, damaged or broken.

Therefore, if you are concerned about heat loss in your home, recirculation hoods are the best choice, especially during the cold winter months. This is because recirculation hoods filter the air and return it back into the kitchen clean, rather than expelling it as conventional hoods do, which minimises heat loss.

But that’s not all, did you know that FrecanAir Plasma removes 98% of odours, fumes and pollutants, making it the only filter capable of tackling even fine particles?

Discover all the advantages of this purification system:

  1. Source of negative ionisation:
    Similar to waterfalls and the sea, Plasma releases negative ions that contribute positively to our organism and improve our quality of life.
  2. Removes 98% of particles:
    From odours to viruses and allergens, Plasma offers total air purification without releasing ozone during the process, confirmed by VDE and IUTA certifications.
  3. Low power consumption:
    With low energy consumption, no cleaning or filter renewal is required, which translates into cost savings and minimal maintenance thanks to its self-cleaning function.
  4. Easy installation:
    Adaptable to all types of Frecan hoods, the Plasma is easy to use and install, ensuring a seamless integration into your space.
  5. Long-lasting recirculation system:
    With up to 15 years of maintenance-free operation, the Plasma eliminates the need for expensive filter replacement, ensuring a long service life.
  6. Fine particle filtration:
    Unique in its capacity, the Plasma filter ensures maximum air filtration of even the finest particles.
  7. Easy maintenance:
    The activated carbon is self-healing at the end of the electrical plasma process, keeping it clean and free of contaminants at all times, without requiring cleaning or additional maintenance costs.
  8. Noise reduction:
    Acting as a silencer, Plasma reduces up to 14% of the noise produced, providing a quiet home and simplifying duct installation.


Watch the demonstration video on EspritCuisine 2023:

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