If there is something that brings us upside down, it is the filters of the hoods

It is important to always keep them clean and free of grease. Doing so ensures, among other things, its effectiveness as a firewall.

Frecan hoods have a warming light that indicates when the filters need to be cleaned, in the case of aspirators and the replacement of this in the case of carbon filters (recirculation), but there are older hoods or without these facilities that generate many questions.

The filters must be cleaned regularly to prevent grease from accumulating. Especially pay attention to older hoods that risk catching fire if grease comes in contact with the engine. The fact of replacing the filters periodically ends up being appreciated in the long run, since they end up being one of the main sources of problems over time. Depending on the material with which the filter is made, you have to clean it one way or another.

Extractor filters hood maintenance, frecan

Extractor hood maintenance
Filters made of metal can be washed in the dishwasher. If there is excess fat impregnated in them, in that case they must be given a prior “bath” in degreasing liquid. In the dishwasher, the best option is to choose a short or ecological program (55-600ºC), without drying or rinsing.

If the material of which the filters of our hood are composed is felt fiber, in that case it is preferable to wash them manually. It must be done with extreme care, without draining more than necessary, since, in case of deforming, its subsequent placement will seem complicated. Likewise, once it is clean it is advisable to leave it stretched out on a smooth surface and dry in the open air. In the case of hoods with an air recirculation system, the filters must be replaced once or twice a year, according to manufacturer’s instructions. This is because charcoal filters cannot be cleaned and the only way to maintain proper maintenance is to replace them.

Do not forget about cleaning the extractor hood itself. For this, it is best to use a damp cloth and mild soap.

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