Those binge-filled days have arrived and cleaning the cooker hoods can become our worst nightmare

We give you some tricks to keep your stainless steel cooker hood intact

The role that cooker hoods play today goes far beyond the merely functional. It no longer only serves to have a kitchen free of smoke, grease and bad odors. It is an object with which an even more elegant, more distinctive touch is sought.

Any interior designer will agree that the extractor hood is a fundamental piece in the design of the kitchen. Of course, it also requires special care, especially if it is stainless steel hoods. Therefore, it is important to know well the proper way to clean it and keep it performing optimally for many years. The element on which the efficiency of the device will depend are the filters. Correct cleaning of the hood filters is an assurance of proper operation and the correct extraction process. So you don’t have to skimp on time and effort to keep the hood in the best condition and as clean as possible. Here are the steps to follow to clean the stainless steel hood, and thus enjoy a sparkling kitchen.

How to clean the cooker hood for Christmas


First you have to make sure that it is disconnected.
All those parts that are removable without excessive difficulty, it is better that we remove them to clean them more comfortably. The parts that are thicker, it is better to remove them with a slightly damp cloth.
The outside of the hood will be cleaned with a kitchen spray degreaser

It is a product that is characterized by its rapid cleaning and by not leaving residues, as well as being compatible with a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel. Its mode of use is very simple, it must be sprayed over the entire surface of the hood. Once pulverized, take a dry cloth and wipe it all over the hood. You can see how the dirt is impregnated on the cloth.

The internal part is more difficult to clean, and you must also be careful not to wet the engine excessively.
Therefore, the best advice is to spray the degreaser on the cloth (just the right amount), and then wipe it on the inside surface of the hood.

The final magic touch is to keep the cooker hood as bright and shiny as it was on the first day. For this purpose, it is necessary to prepare a bicarbonate solution with a small splash of lemon and water. Once it is done, it will be used to scrub the entire exterior surface of the hood.
After a few minutes rinse the surface with water. Then dry. Thanks to this last step, the hood will keep that new product look for a long time.

It remains to be added that, instead of using a kitchen degreaser, there is the alternative of using a mixture of hot water with an anti-grease detergent.
Both options are good and we recommend trying both to determine which is more comfortable and effective to carry out.


We discussed at the beginning the importance of keeping the filters clean. If they are not cleaned regularly, they will become clogged with grease and dust, which will cause the appliance to stop working properly. In the case of older hoods, there may even be a risk of fire if grease gets in contact with the motor. So it is a matter that should not be treated lightly, since it is not only a question of hygiene but of safety for the home.

How to clean the cooker hood for Christmas

Next, we will detail the steps to be carried out for the proper cleaning of the stainless steel filters.

  1. First, the filters must be carefully removed from their position. Once this is done, spray them with the anti-grease.
  2. Now it’s time to wait for the anti-grease to take effect and soak into the filters. For this you have to let it take about 10 or 20 minutes.
  3. When the indicated time has elapsed, wipe it with a damp cloth to remove the thickest dirt.
  4. For dirt that has become more encrusted, rub with a brush. Depending on the thickness of the filter, use a brush of the corresponding thickness, and if necessary, a toothbrush for smaller filters.
  5. To finish, rinse with water while continuing to rub. In this way we will make sure to eradicate the rest of the dirt and leave the filters in an optimal state. Finally, let it dry in the sun.

how to clean extractor hood, frecan

By following the tips mentioned here, the cooker hood works efficiently for a long period of time and will also look like the first day.

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