Ceiling hoods designed so that nothing gets in your way

Our ceiling hoods bring quality, design and functionality to your kitchen.

If you’re in the market for a new ceiling extractor hood, you’re in the right place and about to take an important step towards improving your kitchen!

At Frecan, you can find the ideal cooker hood for your home; they are a fantastic option with an island or peninsula kitchen design and are also discreet and powerful extractor options.

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No more obstacles, move freely

Ceiling cooker hoods transform the kitchen into an open, free-flowing space, clearing away obstacles that used to restrict our freedom of movement. With this option, being in the kitchen is synonymous with relaxation; the constant worry of having to avoid the cooker hood when approaching the cooking area is a thing of the past.

Also, all our cooker hoods have a discreet and elegant design; they are not extravagant, so they blend into your kitchen without stealing the limelight and are a favourite with design-conscious homeowners.

Transforms the environment

Frecan’s ceiling cooker hood models with lighting now allow you to transform the ambience, the space and the experience you have in the kitchen.
Some ceiling cooker hoods feature dimmable LED lighting, allowing you to program the intensity and temperature of the light, creating the perfect ambience!

Ceiling height

Ceiling cooker hoods can be installed in ceilings of any height. Technically, the higher the ceiling, the more extraction power you need, but in general, this is not really a problem. The heat rises, so those odours and vapours will always be pushed upwards.

Still, the recommended height is between 140-160 cm from the extraction area.

High comfort

Another notable advantage of ceiling cooker hoods is the significant noise reduction. These cooker hoods are integrated into the ceiling or recessed into the ceiling, resulting in a considerable noise reduction.

In addition, under certain conditions, it is possible to place the motor at a greater distance from the hood, thus practically eliminating any noise.

Easy installation

All our models of ceiling cooker hoods are equipped with installation clips, which allow easy, quick and simple installation.

All you have to do is leave the motor connected to the ducts and raise the hood by pushing until you hear a few clicks. The hood will then be suspended so that the installer can proceed to fix the motor, tighten the handles and finish tightening the hood to the false ceiling firmly.

Optional recirculation

Recent Frecan’s versions can even be configured for recirculation, so that external ventilation is no longer necessary.

Visit our online catalogue and discover all the cooker hood options we have to offer.
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