Wall-mount hoods - Quasar


The Frecan Quasar range has a classic inclined design. It adds personality to the modern kitchen and combines perimetral aspiration with a double aspiration system created by Frecan, guaranteeing maximum aspiration.



• Touch control• Silence fan VF700GP• Silence Plus 1100 GP fan• SDA double aspiration system• Stainless steel & aluminium filters• Easy-to-clean panel.• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Filter saturation alarm.• LED lighting spotlights (2.1W - 3000K).

Technical information


  • VF700 900-BL internal fan
  • 1100GP 900-BL internal fan
  • PA1200 900-BL wall fan
  • TJ1900 900-BL roof fan
  • VF700 900-NG internal fan
  • 1100GP 900-NG internal fan
  • PA1200 900-NG wall fan
  • TJ1900 900-NG roof fan
  • VF700 1200-BL internal fan
  • IN1100GP 1200-BL interm. fan
  • TJ1900 1200-BL roof fan
  • PA1200 1200-NG wall fan
  • TJ1900 1200-NG roof fan
  • View energy labels and datasheets.
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