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The success in ceiling hoods

¿Nitro with or without lighting?
The model Nitro by Frecan comes with a LED stripe lighting mounted in the hood. But optionally also has an easy to replace kit with no LED for those customers who want the ceiling hood without lighting & so they can have the kitchen ceiling with uniform lighting.

Installation Kit Included
The Nitro model also comes with the basic installation kit included, this consists of a Flat nozzle, adapter & 3 mtrs. flexible piping for connecting hood with nozzle. refs. 90223, 90195 & 90224.
Flush mounted
Due to its design, this ceiling-mounted hood is flush with the ceiling, eliminating unattractive shadows and improving aspiration.

Due to its small size the Frecan Nitro hood is installed directly on the technical ceiling, which must be reinforced in the event of not being able to support a weight of 25/35 kg.

The Nitro range hoods have a guide system that allows the installer to move the fans for easier, faster and simpler connection of the ducting hoses.




• Silence fan R700• Minimum height for technical ceiling 160 mm. (2 R700 fans)• Deferred stop (Last Time).• LED lighting with 3 tone dimmer (4/7W). <br>
  (Cold Light 5500K/Neutral Light 4000k/Warm Light 2700k).• Remote control included.

Technical information


Technical design

900-1200 - 2 x R700 = 1400 m3/h. - Output 2 x 220x90 mm.
Built-in dimensions 870 x 470 mm. / 1170 x 670 mm.

Nitro drawing

Optional items


Extra information

Kit flat
Kit flat
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