Built-in hoods - GA Perimetral

GA Perimetral

The Frecan built-in GA perimetral hood is made of stainless steel and fits completely inside the cupboard, remaining hidden from view. Thanks to its powerful led light the hood lights up the entire cooking surface.



• Electronic control• Silence fan VF600GP• Silence fan VF700GP• Silence Plus 1100 GP fan• Deferred stop (Last Time).• Filter saturation alarm.• LED strip (5W - 2700K).• Remote control included.

Technical information


  • VF600GP 600-S/S internal fan
  • VF700GP 900-S/S internal fan
  • 1100GP 900-S/S internal fan
  • VF700GP 1200-S/S internal fan
  • 1100GP 1200-S/S internal fan
  • View energy labels and datasheets.

Technical design

GA perimetral drawing

600 - 900 - 1200 - Air Outlet Ø 150

GA perimetral installation drawing

Easy Installation

Optional items


Extra information

Door stop
Door stop
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