You still do not know our new catalogue of extractions and cooking systems?

You still do not know our new catalogue of extractions and cooking systems?

Our goal each year is to perfect our best models to increase their performance and also reduce noise and here is our result with the new catalogue of extraction systems of Frecan.

New catalog Hoods. Frecan by Barcelona

What news will you find…?

Silence Range

We get the perfect balance: Maximum performance, minimum noise, best comfort.

*Motors S8 y ST8 de EBM-papst – We provide the necessary air movement, with perfect noise behavior, even at high performance levels.

*Airsoft soundproof piping – provides acoustic insulation.

*FRECAN Fonotech – 9mm anti-vibration panels in their motor boxes that isolate noise and vibrations.
Provides a reduction noise levels up from 4% (1dB) and up to 6,5% (1.8dB).

Extraction systems

In our wide range of extraction systems you will find new products and improvements, adapted to the needs of the market, being also the pioneers.
Surface Hoods
Built-in Hoods
Ceiling Hoods
Island Hoods
Vintage Hoods
Urban Hoods

Purified Kitchens

In Frecan have 4 recirculation systems. A different way that eliminates unpleasant odors, smokes, grease, pollen, viruses, bacteria and allergens at home avoiding energy loss.

Frecan en el corazón de tu cocina, testigo de reuniones y cómplice de encuentros. Especialistas en campanas extractoras de cocina de alta gama:

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