Integrated stainless steel range hoods

Integrated stainless steel range hoods have become a standout element in any modern kitchen.

At Frecan, we offer a wide variety of models and sizes, designed to meet different needs and preferences.


Stainless steel is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion, heat, and stains. This makes it an ideal material for the kitchen, where surfaces are constantly exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity.

Additionally, stainless steel range hoods are very easy to clean. Their non-porous surface prevents the buildup of bacteria and facilitates the removal of grease and other residues. This ensures a more hygienic environment in the kitchen.

Furthermore, stainless steel adds a modern and sophisticated touch to any kitchen. Its elegant and shiny finish complements both contemporary and traditional designs.

Types of Integrated Range Hoods


Built-in range hood models are easy to install, use, and maintain, and they fit easily into all types and sizes of wall cabinets. In this case, the space occupied by the body of the range hood is covered by a shelf and a panel; likewise, the upper part of the cabinet space can be used to store various kitchen accessories. Frecan built-in models:

Feel / Feel S
Vigor Prof
GA Filo

Gabinet Insert Hoods

The size of cabinet insert hoods must match the cabinet, and their main advantage is that they occupy much less space and will not be noticeable or protrude from the installation area. Therefore, they are a great solution for small kitchens that require greater flexibility in terms of storage options. Frecan Cabinet Insert Models:

Hit / Hit S / Hit DripOff
Vetro Klin
GA Perimetral
Integratta / Integratta S


In our catalog, you will also find a mixed system. These are built-in models but with a construction system similar to the under-cabinet ones, making them a very versatile option. Frecan mixed models:



This extraction system neatly stores away when not in use but is easy to slide out when needed, keeping the cooking environment fresh and surfaces grease-free. Frecan telescopic models:



H-Connect Plate Compatibility

Some models compatible with H-Connect plates allow you to control all functions of the hood from a control located on the cooktop.

Adjustable LED Lighting

Most of our integrated extractor hoods feature LED lighting, offering programmable adjustment of both intensity and color.

Installation Options

Some models can be installed with external motors, reducing kitchen noise and improving the efficiency of the ventilation system. Additionally, we offer recirculation options for those who cannot install an extraction system to the outside.

Models and Sizes

At Frecan, we understand that every kitchen is unique, so we offer a variety of models and sizes to meet different needs. From compact hoods for small kitchens to larger models for open spaces.

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